When you are taking medicine, you will inevitably pull off this layer of material similar to "tinfoil", and even feel that it is very decompressed and comfortable. So have you ever wondered what material this layer of "tin foil" is? Why use this material?

This kind of durg packaging is called blister packaging, and medicinal aluminum foil and plastic hard sheet (polyvinyl chloride PVC) are the main materials of blister packaging. Today, let's take a look at several tests of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil materials.

1. Appearance of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil materials

The surface of the aluminum foil should be clean, flat and evenly coated; the text and pattern printing should be correct, clear and firm.

2. The pinhole degree of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil materials

The size and number of aluminum foil pinholes have a decisive influence on the moisture resistance, gas barrier properties and light shading properties of aluminum foil and its composite materials. The aluminum foil should not have dense, continuous and periodic pinholes; in each square meter, no pinholes with a diameter greater than 0.3mm are allowed, and the number of pinholes with a diameter of 0.1~0.3mm shall not exceed one.

3. Barrier properties of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil materials

The barrier performance of aluminum foil is an important indicator for selecting suitable packaging materials for medicines. Packaging containers with excellent barrier properties can avoid moisture absorption of drugs and oxidative deterioration of active ingredients, greatly extending the shelf life of drugs.

4. Bursting strength of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil materials

Through this test, we can understand the damage caused by external pressure and impact force in the process of drug packaging, transportation, storage, and sales.

5. Differences in adhesive coating amount of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil materials

Considering that the coating amount of adhesive has a certain fluctuation range and the existence of the detection error of the dissolved substance, it is easy to cause the easy oxidation value to exceed the standard range. Accurately controlling the coating amount of the protective agent within a certain range is of great significance to the quality stability and production cost control of PTP aluminum foil products.

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