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Good tensile strength after cold stamping. It is a protective cover formed by conventional aluminum plastic blister packaging. Good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, especially suitable for humidity sensitive areas of medicine, food, health care products packaging. Medical aluminum bubble cover foil products have high density and high moisture barrier, and influence on water vapor, oxygen and light. According to the requirements of customers, Longsheng gradually produces satisfactory products through printing, coating, winding, cutting, internal and external packaging and other processes. In order to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical aluminum foil, strict quality control needs to be implemented in every production process.

Why Aluminium Foil is 100% recommended for Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Why Aluminium Foil is 100% recommended for Pharmaceutical Packaging?

The traditional bottle packaging is not portable and each tablet or capsule is not individually protected. Most of the pharmaceutical industry faces problems related to product shelf life due to improper use of packaging materials, with tons of drugs thrown away and destroyed. Aluminum foil including push through foil is used in pharmaceutical packaging and its high resistance to moisture and oxygen vapor makes it ideal for providing an inert environment for the packaging of hygroscopic tablets and capsules. So aluminum foil for drug packaging is becoming the most economical and appropriate pharma packaging material to traditional bottle packaging.

The Use of Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil

In daily life, the application of medicinal aluminum foil is very extensive and mature. The main uses of aluminum foil for medical packaging are blister packaging of pills, tablets, powder bags, and water. Performance requirements are very strict due to direct contact with the drug.

The Use of Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil

FAQs of Pharmaceutical Packaging Aluminum Foil

  • Q For PTP blister foils or cold formed foils, how do I know which thickness is better for our product?

    It is helpful to tell Longsheng tablet/capsule size, or molding diagram, so Dirante will suggest A thickness to you and send sample rolls to your factory for machine tracking.

  • Q What's Longsheng's advice for aluminum foil storage?

    All aluminum foil shall be stored in the warehouse away from direct sunlight and shall be used on A first-in, first-out basis.

    The optimum conditions are temperature 10-35℃ and humidity 30-70%.

  • Q What are the benefits of aluminium foil in pharmaceutical packaging?

    Aluminum foil provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture and bacteria.



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