ptfe products ptfe is a high tech plastic

PTFE is a high-tech plastic with extraordinary properties. Two of the excellent characteristics are the chemical resistance and the physiological innocuousness unrivaled by the other plastics. The temperature resistance also reaches very good values, i.e. almost 300 °C, and the conductivity values as well. Thus, this material is not only very appropriate for seals but also for technical components of every kind in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industry.

Applications of PTFE Products

Applications of PTFE Products

PTFE & Filled PTFE Products are mainly used in Electrical & Electronics Engineering Industries such as Electric Switch Gears, Capacitor, Traction Motors, and Traction Generators mainly due to its outstanding Electrical Insulation characteristics.

The Benefits of PTFE Products

1. Low-temperature resistant

2. Corrosion resistant

3. Resistance to climate

4. High lubrication

5. Don't stick

6. non-toxic

7. Electrical insulation

The Benefits of PTFE Products

FAQs of PTFE Products

  • Q Is Tefion the same as PTFE?

    Yes. Essentially, the only difference lies in the name. PTFE is the shortened name of the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene, and Teflon is the trade name of the same polymer. If you are looking for a highly flexible, non-stick material that is chemical, electrical, and thermal resistant, look no further than PTFE.

  • Q What is the common name for PTFE?

    Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a fluoropolymer and is commonly known by its trade name, Teflon.

  • Q Is PTFE cancerous?

    Over the years, concerns have been raised about how PTFE may affect human health. Specifically: Does PTFE cause cancer? The short answer, according to the experts, is no.



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