Pharmaceutical Packaging Material

In the field of medical packaging, our composite film, bottle cap, rubber stopper,vials, glass and label packaging materials are widely used for injection, biological drugs, blood products, oral liquid, infusion,cosmetics, food and other packaging field.

Anti-corrosion Sealing Material

Good material density, not easy to leak; Have appropriate mechanical strength and hardness;  Good compressibility and resilience, small permanent deformation;   No softening, no decomposition at high temperature, no hardening, no brittle crack at low temperature;  Good corrosion resistance, in acid, alkali, oil and other media can work for a long time, Its volume and hardness change is small, and does not adhere to the metal surface;  Small friction coefficient and good wear resistance; Has softness combined with sealing surface; Good aging resistance, durable;  Convenient processing and manufacturing technology, relatively cheap price, easy materials.

What Application Use Pharmaceutical Packaging?

Our label printing process is widely used for: Cosmetic tags, electronic tags, electrical tags, labels, medical equipment tags, pharmaceutical labels, wine labels, tag, fruit drinks, gas cylinders tag, tires, tableware tag, electrical switches, electrical wire and cable tag, screen protective film, insulation protective film tag, conductive foam, conductive aluminum foil tag, insulating sallowness, foam mold Cut labels, etc.
  • Jiangsu Longsehng Pharmaceutical Packing Materials Co.,Ltd located at yangzhong city, jiangsu province,china,founded in 2007, is specialized in producing and selling pharmaceutical packaging materials.

  • Main products: PTP aluminum foil, SP composite film,tropical-type blister aluminum, bottle caps for antibiotics, injection, infusion, and oral liquid,polypropylene combined caps of plastic infusion container, polypropylene nozzle, polypropylene double-setting collapsible combined cover,etc.

  • We have provided customers all over the world with satisfactory products and service.We strive for excellence and classics,and look forward to more customers to create brilliance together with Longsheng.


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