In the trend of the health consumption boom, consumers have an increasing demand for health products, especially probiotics with obvious efficacy. Many studies are also exploring more uses and effects of probiotics. Standing in the perspective of goods, probiotic product packaging affects the shelf terminal sales. At present, probiotics are appearing in our life scene in the form of high-appearance level, easy-to-eat products. As young people pay more attention to health, probiotic foods are becoming increasingly popular, and are expected to become the next billion yuan in the health market. However, behind the rapid development of the industry, there is an urgent need to introduce relevant standards or regulations to regulate the probiotic market. Probiotics are a group of active microorganisms beneficial to the host. They are the general term of active and beneficial microorganisms that are implanted in the human intestinal tract and reproductive system and can produce definite health effects to improve the microecological balance of the host and play a beneficial role. In order to ensure the safety of drugs as the premise, improve the overall sealing and increase the barrier performance, the production of pharmaceutical packaging needs to strengthen the further optimization of design and technology, strengthen the research and development of new materials, and further improve the quality of packaging, in order to adapt to higher requirements of the standard. At present, with the rapid development of science and technology, the market provides guidance for the development of packaging materials through the application of nano-antibacterial packaging, nano-composite materials, and nano-adhesive technology prepared by nano-technology.

probiotics of pharmaceutical packaging

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