As a kind of liquid medicine packaging material, the glass container is widely used in infusion, injection, blood products, and so on. Because of its heat resistance, chemical stability, good mechanical strength, and good isolation, and is not easy to be affected by the atmosphere, it can adjust its radiation resistance and chemical properties with the group. At the same time, they are cheap, beautiful, transparent, and recyclable, so they are widely used. In addition, liquid medicines packaged in plastic do not need additional air during transportation, which can well prevent liquid medicines from being polluted by the air. Each kind of glass container after placed the different agents may chemicals to produce a certain effect, the current main glass material used for storage of Chinese medicine is a class b material, another is after treatment of type 2 glass bottle, the glass surface has a very rich silicate thin, can play a model of the effect of glass bottles. In the storage of different liquid agents, due to the composition of different glass bottles, there are differences, so in the selection of different glass bottles for storage, we must choose the right glass bottles, so as to ensure that the stored drugs in the storage and use of the chemical stability, will not fail.

liquid of pharmaceutical packaging

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