Metal Wound Gasket

Spiral wound gaskets can be fabricated of any metal which is available in a thin strip and which can be welded; therefore, they can be used against virtually any corrosive medium dependent upon the choice of the metal and filler. They can be used over the complete temperature range from cryogenic to approximately 2000ºF (1093ºC). This type of gasket can be used in all pressures from vacuum to the standard 2500 pressure class flange ratings. Spiral wound gaskets can also be manufactured with variable densities, i.e.relatively low-density gaskets for vacuum service up to extremely high-density gaskets having seating stress of approximately 30,000 psi (207 MPa). The softer gaskets would require seating stress in the range of 5,000 psi (34 MPa).

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Metal Wound Gasket Video

Strength Of Metal Wound Gasket

  • 1

    Spiral Wound Gasket is the ideal gasket in the semi-metallic category.

  • 2

    This unique construction of a spring-like metal and soft filler provides gasket excel-lent characteristics. 

  • 3

    Resistance to high temperature and high pressures. 

  • 4

    Excellent sealability is maintained with comparatively small gasket area.

  • 5

    Great resilience which allows the gasket to adjust automatically to change in operating conditions, such as pressure and thermal shocks, vibrations etc.

Technical Data Of Metal Wound Gasket

Product NameSpiral Wound Gaskets with Inner Ring
Materialstainless steel with filler 
ColorAccording to ASME B16.20, also can customize
StandardASME B 16.20, MSS SP-44, API 605, DIN 2632-2638/ DIN EN1514-2, JIS B2404, BS EN1514-2 , etc.
Inner & outer ring MaterialSUS201, SUS304, SUS316, 321,347,CRS,IN 800,INC 600, MONEL 400, 31803,32750,etc
Filler Materialgraphite,PTFE, Non-asbestos, Mica,etc
Hoop MaterialSUS201, SUS304, SUS316, 321,347,CRS,IN 800,INC 600, MONEL 400, 31803,32750,etc
Standard thickness3.2mm/4.5mm



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