What is Anti-corrosion Sealing Material? What is Anti-corrosion Sealing Material?

Around the world and across industries, sealing products are critical to safety and efficiency.

Sealing manufacturers in the market generally lack effective solutions for durability and sustainability, But Longsheng did this by leading the transition toward safe, sustainable, high-performance sealing products. Longsheng provides professional service and high-quality products in sealing problems for industries. Our sealing products range including all rotary and stationary occasions.

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Types of Anti-corrosion sealing material

Which Material Are Commonly Used in Anti-corrosion Sealing?

Commonly used anti-corrosion sealing materials are divided into the following three categories:

1. Fiber and Elastoplastic Materials

There are asbestos, leather, rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene plastics, etc., and it is the main material for manufacturing gaskets, soft fillers, molding fillers, oil seals, and other sealing products. Under the action of low sealing force, large elastic-plastic deformation can be obtained, which has a strong effect on blocking sealing and preventing leakage.

2. Anti-friction and anti-wear materials

There are carbon materials, bearing alloys, cemented carbides, surfacing alloys, engineering ceramics, spraying materials, etc. It has good heat resistance, cold resistance, and high thermal conductivity, and is a friction pair material for manufacturing mechanical seals, piston rings and gap seals, and other dynamic sealing devices.

3. Metal and non-metal materials

There are non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, hard alloys, precious metals, etc., which are used to manufacture other parts other than friction pairs in sealing products.

material are commonly used in anti corrosion sealing anti corrosion sealing

Categories of Anti-corrosion Sealing Materials

Anti-corrosion sealing material is divided into two kinds, one is static sealing material, mainly gasket sealing or sealant. There is also direct contact with three categories, which can be divided according to pressure, there is high pressure and medium and low pressure. If it is medium and low pressure, it will choose some soft material and large-width gaskets. If you choose a high-pressure type, generally choose a slightly harder texture and a slightly narrower width of the metal gasket.

Categories of Anti-corrosion Sealing Materials



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