Non Asbestos Gasket

General Properties of  non asbestos gasket:

Non-Asbestos materials, such as non asbestos gasket, can resist temperatures of 350℃.  Non asbestos gasket also generally exhibits good resistance to acids, and most oils and fuels.  

Non asbestos gasket is manufactured in numerous grades to meet the British standards BS57531X and Y.

Non-asbestos material is used in air compressors, diesel engines, pipelines, and many other industrial and marine applications.

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Non Asbestos Gasket Video

Features Of Non Asbestos Gasket

  • 1

    Good for use with water

  • 2

    Good for use with petrol

  • 3

    Has good impermeability to gas

  • 4

    Exhibits good recovery

Technical Data Of Non Asbestos Gasket

DATA SHEET OF Non-Asbestos Gasket
Tensile strength MPa≥57118101215
Aging Coefficient ≥


Density g/cm³1.6—2.01.6—2.01.6—2.01.6—1.81.6—1.81.6—1.81.6—1.8
Compressibility %12 ± 712 ± 712 ± 712 ± 712 ± 712 ± 712 ± 7
Rebound degree35404540455050
PliabilityNo CrackNo CrackNo CrackNo CrackNo CrackNo CrackNo Crack

DATA SHEET OF Oil-resisting Non-Asbestos Joint Sheet
Oil sealing With the temperature of 15℃to 30℃ 75﹟aviation gasoline for 30 min10 MPa pressure for 30 min No leaking12 MPa pressure for 30 min No leaking15MPa pressure for 30 min No leaking16 MPa pressure for 30 min No leaking
With the temperature of 150±2℃ dipped in No.20 aviation oil for 5h and then taken out and laid for 5min.

Tensile strength-reducing %40302525
Thickness-increasing %≤5—205—205—185—18
Appearance changeNo bubbleNo bubbleNo bubbleNo bubble
With the temperature of 15 to 30 ℃ dipped in No.75 aviation oil for 5hand then taken out and laid for 5min.

Tensile strength MPa ≥56810
Thickness-increasing %5—255—255—205—20
PliabilityNo CrackNo CrackNo CrackNo Crack



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