For powder drugs, strip-shaped composite film packaging is used. Strip Packaging is called SP Packaging, which uses two layers of medicinal Strip Packaging film (SP film) to clamp the drug in the middle, separated by a certain distance between the unit of the drug, on the Strip Packaging machine to heat seal the drug and two layers of SP film inside, between the drugs, pressed teeth marks, forming a unit Packaging form. Single piece packaging or row of small packaging. The plastic film used for drug packaging can ensure a certain mechanical strength, and will not be broken or damaged in the process of drug packaging and circulation. It is also required to have good peeling strength between the layers of the composite material to prevent the phenomenon of delamination of each layer, and it is also required to have good high-temperature resistance. Because of the need for high-temperature disinfection in drug packaging or heat sealing bag sealing under high temperature. It requires low permeability of gas and moisture and good barrier performance of gas, water, and gas, which is very important in the packaging of Chinese and western medicines. If the outside air enters, it will provide a suitable environment for the growth and reproduction of mold, so that the drug deteriorates and fails. Based on the above requirements, it is necessary to produce flexible packaging materials with different composite materials. Composite films of materials are composed of two or more kinds of films (sometimes including paper, aluminum foil, and other materials).

powder of pharmaceutical packaging

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