Nowadays, capsules have become one of the main oral solid preparations, and the production of hard capsule preparations accounts for about 20% of the total oral solid preparations in China. In addition, with the acceleration of the development of Chinese medicine, modernization of Chinese medicine and westernization of product technology, part of Chinese medicine is gradually leaving the traditional decoction and pill and turning to solid preparation, granule, filling powder and other dosage forms, which objectively promotes the application of tablets and capsules more and more widely. At the same time, the health care product industry with tablet and capsule as the main dosage form is also in a period of rapid development, these factors have stimulated the continuous development of tablet and capsule drugs, estimated in the next 5~10

Both the tablet and capsule industries will maintain a good growth rate with increasing usage of pharmaceutical packaginf material like push product through foil.

capsules of pharmaceutical packaging

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