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Blister packaging, also known as PTP foil, is mainly used for PVC, PVDC coated PVC, PP, cold forming foil, and high barrier coil heat sealing.PTP aluminum foil produced by Longsheng ensures its heat sealing strength≥9N/15mm (International for 7.5N/15mm). Without cutting corners or discounting peel strength but with sincere cooperation, Longsheng is the best choice for you.

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Features Of PTP Foil

  • 1

    100% barrier water vapor, gas, light, etc

  • 2

    High thermal stability

  • 3

    Print online or offline

  • 4

    Be sealed using PVC/PVDC film or ALU-ALU

  • 5

    Perfect printing, no fading after sealing

  • 6

    Low-temperature seal, good for medicine and high-speed processing

Technical Data Of PTP Foil

Technical data of PTP aluminum foils are offered as follows:

Foil MaterialFull hard (H 18 ) aluminum of alloy grade AA -8011 comforming to aluminum Association,USA,and specification
Foil thickness options0.024±10% ( Foil gsm = 60.00± 2)
0.030 ±10%( Foil gsm = 75.00± 2 )
0.034±10%(Foil gsm = 86.00 ±2 )
Foil Surface optionsOne side is bright & the other side matt
SealantHeat sealable lacquer coating wt. : 3-5GM, coating surface ( dull or bright will be as per purchase order.
( Coating gsm options available 6-8 ).
Printing & lacquer CoatingPrinting will be done as per artwork and original piece sample approved by the customer. For non-printed specifications clear lacquer to be coated as a protective coating and good printability. Printing inks and lacquer coatings are capable to withstand 160  for 1 sec. dwell time.
Ink Adhesion will pass the sellotape test at a medium rate of pull ( 100mm / sec ).
Winding DirectionPrinted or clear lacquer side is out in the finished reel unless otherwise specified inpurchase order
CoreAs specified in purchase order : Material: Plastic, Aluminum or Cardboard. ID 76 mm, with a tolerance of± 1mm.
SplicesButt type with 50 mm red heat-resistant tape.Avg. A number of joints  2 per reel.
Reel O.D.80% of the reels in a consignment will have OD 250 ± 10 mm and the rest may have smaller
OD. For Jumbo rolls, OD will be 350 ± 10 mm
Roll widthAs specified ±0.5 mm
IdentificationEach reel is identified with a ticket having Reel No. Specification, and Mfg. date.
PackingPharma foil reels are packed in a cardboard carton. Reels are put in the PE bag and packed with corners and foam side protectors.
Jumbo reels are packed in a wooden box in suspended condition with necessary poly film wrapping, corners and foam side protectors.
MarkingOrder No.Batch No.Gross & Net Wt. and other details as agreed mutually with the customer.



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