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PTP blister packaging, also known as PTP foil, is mainly used for PVC, PVDC-coated PVC, PP, cold-forming foil, and high-barrier coil heat sealing.Pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil produced by Longsheng ensures its heat sealing strength≥9N/15mm (International for 7.5N/15mm). Without cutting corners or discounting peel strength but with sincere cooperation, Longsheng is the best choice for you when choosing quality PTP push through foil.

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PTP Push Through Aluminium Foil Video

PTP Blister Foil Features

  • 1

    100% barrier water vapor, gas, light, etc

  • 2

    The push product through foil is with high thermal stability

  • 3

    Print online or offline

  • 4

    The push tablet through foil  is sealed using PVC/PVDC film or ALU-ALU

  • 5

    Perfect printing, no fading after sealing

  • 6

    Low-temperature seal, good for medicine and high-speed processing

PTP Blister Foil Specification

Technical data of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foils are offered as follows:

Foil MaterialFull hard (H 18 ) aluminum of alloy grade AA -8011 conforming to Aluminum Association, USA, and specification
Foil thickness options0.024±10% ( Foil gsm = 60.00± 2)
0.030 ±10%( Foil gsm = 75.00± 2 )
0.034±10%(Foil gsm = 86.00 ±2 )
Foil Surface optionsOne side of blister lidding foil is bright & the other side matt
SealantHeat sealable lacquer coating wt. : 3-5GM, coating surface ( dull or bright will be as per purchase order.
( Coating gsm options available 6-8 ).
Printing & lacquer CoatingPrinting will be done as per artwork and original piece sample approved by the customer. For non-printed specifications, a clear lacquer is to be coated as a protective coating and has good printability. Printing inks and lacquer coatings are capable to withstand 160 ℃ for 1 sec. dwell time.
Ink Adhesion will pass the sellotape test at a medium rate of pull ( 100 mm/sec).
Winding DirectionPrinted or clear lacquer side is out in the finished reel unless otherwise specified in the purchase order
CoreAs specified in the purchase order : Material: Plastic, Aluminum, or Cardboard. ID 76 mm, with a tolerance of± 1mm.
SplicesButt type with 50 mm red heat-resistant tape.Avg. A number of joints ≦ 2 per reel.
Reel O.D.80% of the reels in a consignment will have OD 250 ± 10 mm and the rest may have smaller
OD. For Jumbo rolls, OD will be 350 ± 10 mm
Roll widthAs specified ±0.5 mm
IdentificationEach reel is identified with a ticket having Reel No. Specification, and Mfg. date.
PackingPharmaceutical ptp aluminum foil reels are packed in a cardboard carton. Reels are put in the PE bag and packed with corners and foam side protectors.
Jumbo reels are packed in a wooden box in suspended condition with necessary poly film wrapping, corners, and foam side protectors.
MarkingOrder No. Batch No.Gross & Net Wt. and other details as agreed mutually with the customer.

What is PTP Blister Foil?

PTP (Press-Through Packaging) blister foil is a type of pharmaceutical packaging material. The push tablet through foil is designed to provide a barrier between the medication and the external environment, protecting the contents from moisture, light, oxygen, and other external factors that may affect their stability and efficacy.

PTP aluminum foils are typically made of multiple layers. The innermost layer is usually made of aluminum, which acts as a barrier against moisture and light. This aluminum layer is sandwiched between a heat-sealable lacquer coating and a PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or PVDC (Polyvinylidene chloride) film.

The PVC or PVDC film serves as the outer layer, providing strength and rigidity to the blister pack. It also acts as a protective barrier, preventing the medication from coming into direct contact with the pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil.

The PTP blister packaging is commonly used for packaging solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, and lozenges. The individual medication units are placed in separate cavities or pockets formed by the blister push through foil, and each cavity is sealed with a heat-sealable lacquer. This ensures that the medication remains protected and tamper-evident until it is consumed.

PTP blister lidding foil offers several advantages for pharmaceutical packaging, including excellent barrier properties, protection against light and moisture, ease of use, and the ability to provide individualized doses. The blister packs also allow for easy identification of the medication, as product information and branding can be printed on the outer layer of the pack.

It's important to note that while pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foils provide effective protection for pharmaceutical products, they should be used in conjunction with appropriate storage conditions and handling practices to maintain the integrity and quality of the medication.

Application and Usage for PTP Blister Lidding Foil

PTP blister foil is primarily used in the pharmaceutical industry for the packaging of solid oral dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, and lozenges. PTP lidding material blister packaging provides a secure and protective solution for packaging in pharmaceutical industry for individual medication units. Here are some key aspects of its application and usage:

  • Protection: PTP blister packaging acts as a barrier, protecting the medication from moisture, light, oxygen, and other external factors that may degrade the product's quality and efficacy. The PTP aluminum foil packaging helps maintain the stability and integrity of the medication throughout its shelf life.

  • Tamper-evident packaging: The PTP blister packs made with PTP blister push through foil are designed to be tamper-evident. Each individual cavity or pocket containing a medication unit is sealed with a heat-sealable lacquer, ensuring that the pack remains intact and any unauthorized access or tampering can be easily detected.

  • Dosage control: PTP blister push softgel through foils enable precise dosage control as each medication unit is individually sealed in its own cavity. This ensures that the correct amount of medication is dispensed and consumed by the patient, promoting accurate medication adherence.

  • Product identification: The outer layer of pharmaceutical PTP aluminum foil can be printed with product information, branding, dosage instructions, and other relevant details. This allows for easy identification of the medication and provides essential information to the patient or healthcare professional.

  • Convenience and portability: PTP blister push product through foil packings are designed to be user-friendly and convenient. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to handle. The individual blister units can be easily popped out for consumption, making it convenient for patients to carry and use their medication while on the go.

  • Compliance packaging: PTP blister push product through foils are commonly used in compliance packaging systems where multiple medications and dosages are organized and packaged together for easy administration. This helps patients and caregivers in maintaining medication adherence and reduces the chances of medication errors.



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