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  • Tablets of Pharmaceutical Packaging
    Tablets are the most kinds and the largest sales of solid drug dosage forms. Among the products we provide, blister packaging is usually used for solid dose packaging, such as tablets, and capsules. T...
  • Capsules of Pharmaceutical Packaging
    Nowadays, capsules have become one of the main oral solid preparations, and the production of hard capsule preparations accounts for about 20% of the total oral solid preparations in China. In additio...
  • Effervescent Tablets of Pharmaceutical Packaging
    Effervescent Tablets
    Effervescent tablets originated in the 1970s. Germany was the first country to obtain the production patent for effervescent tablets. It was mainly used in agriculture and food at first, in agricultur...
  • Powder of Pharmaceutical Packaging
    For powder drugs, strip-shaped composite film packaging is used. Strip Packaging is called SP Packaging, which uses two layers of medicinal Strip Packaging film (SP film) to clamp the drug in the midd...
  • Liquid of Pharmaceutical Packaging
    As a kind of liquid medicine packaging material, the glass container is widely used in infusion, injection, blood products, and so on. Because of its heat resistance, chemical stability, good mechanic...
  • Probiotics of Pharmaceutical Packaging
    In the trend of the health consumption boom, consumers have an increasing demand for health products, especially probiotics with obvious efficacy. Many studies are also exploring more uses and effects...
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