Mechanical seal technology is widely used in chemical industry pumping equipment. Mechanical sealing equipment has high requirements for its design, manufacturing, installation, and operating environment, and its components have the characteristics of a high failure rate. Therefore, the application of new technology and new materials for mechanical sealing is the requirement and direction of the chemical industry. Chemical products, most of them are flammable, explosive, toxic, and other dangerous. If we assume that these chemical products are accidentally leaked, it will not only bring huge economic losses and serious environmental pollution but also threaten people's life and safety. Because of the above characteristics of the chemical industry, chemical machinery and equipment must have strong sealing and corrosion resistance, to ensure that the mechanical equipment has a long service life. At the same time, in order to conform to the mechanical seal technology application in the process of the complex work environment and strict site requirements, the composition, structure, and material of mechanical seal parts have been widely promoted and applied to all kinds of new concepts, new standards, and new technologies have been developed, and sure to good application prospect in the petrochemical industry.

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