Effervescent tablets originated in the 1970s. Germany was the first country to obtain the production patent for effervescent tablets. It was mainly used in agriculture and food at first, in agriculture, it was mainly effervescent herbicides, and in the food industry, it was mainly solid drinks. The effervescent tablet market in China started late. With the development of science and technology and the joint promotion of market demand, the production technology and equipment of Effervescent tablets in China have been very perfect, the market scale has been expanding, and the effervescent tablet market as medical packaging material including push through aluminium foil has also been improved. Effervescent tube packaging is simple, easy to carry, effervescent tablet agent sales in a long-term increasing state, and broad market prospects. In addition, under the influence of the global COVID-19 epidemic, people's health awareness is constantly enhanced, the market demand for effervescent tablets shows a steep upward trend, and effervescent tube manufacturers also ushered in a continuous increase in business volume. It is believed that with the continuous diversification of market demand, there will be more effervescent tablets to meet the needs of the public in the market in the future, and effervescent tube manufacturers will also usher in the innovation of production technology and production equipment.

effervescent tablets of pharmaceutical packaging

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