Tropical Blister Foil

Typical Structure of tropical blister foil is two layers: OPA / AL / VC. Thermoformed blister foil consists of nylon, aluminum and adhesive, and in fact, tropical blister foil is a sheet of material combined of above three raw materials through laminating machine with certain temperature and pressure.

Tropical blister foil is designed to improve barrier properties in traditional aluminum-plastic packaging,  by adding aluminum-plastic composite film to cover on the PVC blister back, and then a tropical blister aluminum packaging can be cold formed.

  • pharmaceutical plastic bottles
  • plastic containers for pharmaceutical packaging
  • tropical blister foil

Tropical Blister Foil Video

Features Of Tropical Blister Foil

  • 1

    High strength of mechanical property, good formability, and high strength heat sealing, such can be suitable for high-speed packaging machine.

  • 2

    100 % barrier against water vapor, gases,  light etc.

  • 3

    This kind of pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil has excellent formability

  • 4

    High degree of thermal stability

  • 5

    High aesthetic appeal

  • 6

    Sealable with PVC/ PVDC film

  • 7

    Colorful surface as RAL color-list

Tropical Blister Foil Specification

NameTropical Blisterpack Foil
StructureoPA 25-30 mic/ ALU 45-75 mic/ VC 3-8 gsm
SpecificationWidth: 60-- 660 mm; 
Thickness: 70 - 110 mic;
Core ID: 76 mm, paper reel;
Roll OD: 200-280mm, also can be as your request.



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