Antibiotics & Injection Rubber Stopper

The existing medical stopper is used, it is very broad, when use, because of the shaking shock in the process of transportation or touch may cause in the process of filling the stopper falls off, at this point that is stored in the bottle of antibiotics will be bacterial contamination of the outside world, lead to a serious medical accident, and the waste of medical resources, therefore, we need to use antibiotics use anti-shedding rubber stopper.

  • medical rubber stopper
  • rubber stopper for injection
  • butyl rubber stopper for injection vials

Antibiotics & Injection Rubber Stopper Video

Details Of Antibiotics & Injection Rubber Stopper

Product SpecificationDrawing NoCrown FeaturesCrown Diameter mmCrown Thickness mmPlug Diameter mmTotal Height mm
11-B1110Single Lap Four Points10.
13-A1119Single circle radiation12.527.57
20-A1445Double turn18.83.313.28.8

Butyl Rubber Stopper for Injection Vials Advantages

When it comes to pharmaceutical rubber stoppers, there are several advantages of butyl rubber stoppers for injection vials to consider:

Excellent Chemical Compatibility: Butyl rubber stoppers exhibit exceptional chemical resistance, making them compatible with a wide range of medications and pharmaceutical formulations. They can maintain the integrity and stability of the drug by preventing interactions or contamination.

Gas and Moisture Barrier: Butyl rubber is known for its low permeability to gases and moisture. This property helps to protect the injectable contents from outside influences, such as air, oxygen, or moisture, which can degrade the medication's effectiveness or stability.

Self-Sealing Properties: Bromobutyl rubber stoppers possess self-sealing characteristics, providing an airtight and secure seal when pierced by a needle during the injection process. This helps prevent leakage and maintains the sterility of the vial and its contents.

Biocompatibility: Butyl rubber is considered biocompatible, meaning it is generally well-tolerated by the human body. This is important when it comes to injectable medications, as the material used in the stopper should not cause adverse reactions or introduce impurities into the drug.

Resistance to Fragmentation: Butyl rubber stoppers are designed to resist fragmentation during the penetration of a needle, minimizing the risk of particles or rubber fragments contaminating the medication. This contributes to the overall safety and reliability of the injection process.

Shelf Life Extension: The excellent barrier properties of rubber stoppers for injection help extend the shelf life of the injectable product by protecting it from external factors that could compromise its quality or potency. This is particularly important for medications that require long-term storage or transportation.

By considering these advantages, pharmaceutical packaging companies and healthcare professionals can choose butyl rubber stoppers for injection vials with confidence, ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and stability of injectable medications.



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