Tablets are the most kinds and the largest sales of solid drug dosage forms. Among the products we provide, blister packaging is usually used for solid dose packaging, such as tablets, and capsules. The packaging is mainly made of thermoformed plastic and covered with aluminum foil including push tablet through foil or a plastic lid, which can be torn by hand. State-of-the-art blister packaging typically consists of a bottom coating of aluminum or sturdy paper or plastic and a clear plastic film through which individual tablets can then be extruded one by one. Tablets are easy to remove and dispense, thus helping to improve patient satisfaction. Blister packaging line, including counting machine, blister packaging machine, packing machine, as well as the corresponding detection equipment. With the continuous strict policy of the pharmaceutical industry and the improvement of the level of pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical enterprises also continue to improve the requirements of the blister packaging lines.

tablets of pharmaceutical packaging

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