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The graphite sealing ring produced by Lonsheng has excellent thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance, good compression and resilience, small thermal stress relaxation, strong unbalance compensation ability to seal the surface, and long service life. Make compressors, internal combustion engine gasket, and high-strength graphite gasket, instead of metal wound gasket. Used for sealing flanges of pipes, valves, pumps, heat exchangers, towers, manholes, hand holes, etc.

Uses of Graphite Products

Uses of Graphite Products

When graphite is transformed into different forms or paired with other materials, it can have a variety of uses. When graphite is combined with zirconia and alumina, for example, it can be used to form shrouds, plug rods, and branch inlet nozzles. Likewise, powdered graphite can be used as a dry lubricant. An example of this is in steel casting, where this graphite product is used as a mold lubricant to help make part ejection easier. In general, synthetic graphite is useful in making parts for steelmaking. This is due to its electrical conductivity, which makes it suitable for applications such as electrodes for electric arc furnaces. Also, the aforementioned graphite electrodes are sometimes used in the printing process. Other commonly used graphite products include pencil leads, large non-automotive brake linings, batteries, laptop parts, paints, motor brushes, and crucibles. Crucibles are containers for extremely hot fluids and liquids used in forging and other high heat applications.

Benefits of Graphite Products

1. Graphite products have chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

2. Graphite products have good adsorption performance.

3. Graphite products including graphite block material are environmentally friendly and healthy, with no radioactive pollution, and high-temperature resistance.

4. Graphite products have the advantages of good thermal conductivity, fast heat transfer, uniform heating, and oil saving.

5. Graphite products have strong oxidation and reduction effects

Benefits of Graphite Products

FAQs of Graphite Products

  • Q What products are made from graphite?

    Graphite has a wide variety of almost contradictory uses. An allotrope of carbon and one of the world's softest minerals, its uses range from writing implements to lubricants. These are some uses of graphite: Writing Materials, Lubricants, Paint, Refractory, Nuclear Reactors, Batteries, and Graphene Sheets.

  • Q Where can you find graphite?

    Graphite is most often found as flakes or crystalline layers in metamorphic rocks such as marble, schists, and gneisses. Graphite may also be found in organic-rich shales and coal beds.

  • Q What is graphite worth?

    A recent price assessment produced by Benchmark Mineral Intelligence for the Company shows average pricing in 2020 for uncoated natural spherical graphite at around US$3,000 per tonne and for coated natural spherical graphite between US$7,000 per tonne (domestic China and non-EU) and US$12,000 per tonne.



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