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Metal ring gaskets originated in the 1920s, and were first applied in the boiler field in the United States, used for sealing manhole covers, auto clips, and other containers. Later, they received special attention in the petroleum production and refining industry. With the increase in temperature and pressure of steam power units, metal ring gaskets are more and more widely used. The metal ring gasket contacts with the inner and outer side (mainly the outer side) of the flange trapezoidal groove through the gasket, and is pressed tightly and sealed. The metal ring pad is divided into an octagonal ring pad and an elliptical pad. Metal ring gaskets can be divided into octagonal and elliptic structures according to section shape. Octagonal ring pad and flange groove match, mainly for surface contact. Compared with the oval ring pad, although it is not easy to fit the flange groove, it can be used again, and because the section is made of straight lines, it is easy to process. The oval ring gasket is in line contact with the flange groove, and sealing is good, but the processing accuracy is high, thus increasing the manufacturing cost, and the oval ring gasket can not be reused.

Where is Metal Ring Gasket used?

Where is Metal Ring Gasket used?

The metal ring gasket is suitable for pipe flanges, pumps, and valve joints in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. Very high surface stress is developed between a ring-type joint gasket and the flange groove when the ring-type joint is bolted up in a flange.

How to choose Metal Ring Gasket?

Metal gaskets work best in extremely high-pressure applications. They create an initial line contact or contain the fluid through wedging once the two flush connection surfaces touch. Metal gaskets are also known as ring gaskets, and have either an ovular or octagonal cross-section. Octagonal cross sections provide a great deal of strength in the face of high pressure, such as the BX type that can handle 20,000 psi. Metal gaskets are commonly used in oil and gas industrial systems and secured with high-tension bolting.

How to choose Metal Ring Gasket?

FAQs of Metal Ring Gasket

  • Q Are metal gaskets good?

    The properties of metal allow for a higher quality gasket surface seal compared to non-metallic gaskets. Metal gaskets are now widely used in medium and high pressure applications due to their natural resistance to extreme temperatures, pressures and chemical exposure.

  • Q Where is metal gasket used?

    Metal gaskets are used to seal high temperature and pressure applications where non-asbestos materials will fail. Typical applications are heat exchangers, compressors, condensers, pumps and valves.

  • Q What is the difference between a gasket and an O ring?

    Although the O-ring is usually round and varies in thickness, the gasket is a flat seal located between two flat surfaces. Gaskets are usually round, but they can be cut into almost any shape, including squares, triangles, rectangles, or any other complex shape.



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