• Pharma Packaging Material Suppliers Consulting


    Before making any planning according to your production plan, you can contact us for consultation to get a general understanding of the Longsheng product line and find out what is more suitable for your project according to your needs.

  • Pharmaceutical Packing Material Research And Development

    Research And Development

    It's not easy to keep products and services consistently better, especially in today's competitive technology world. Longsheng's r&d team knows this well. Therefore, we are constantly committed to new product development and improvement of existing products.

  • Drug Packaging Materials Technical Planning

    Technical Planning

    Whether you are developing a template budget for bidding or looking for a detailed proposal before purchase, our technical staff can provide you with expertise and skills in the performance selection planning of pharmaceutical packaging materials through Auto-CAD.

    Different projects have different plans and requirements, and Longsheng can always get their best solutions.

    Simply email us your requirements with supporting drawings and we will provide you with a carefully prepared quote with preliminary drawings of the product in the next few days.

  • Medicine Packaging Material Shipping Information

    Shipping Information

    Longsheng Customer Service department is responsible for order updates and fulfillment from production to delivery. During the manufacturing process, we will share the manufacturing plan and quality control process with corresponding photos and videos. After the production is completed, we also take pictures of the packaging and loading as records and then submit them to our customers for reference.

    Our customer service department will send you shipping advice via email with all important shipping information. Include ship's name, container number, eta, etc. The full set of shipping documents will be sent to you by Courier or telephone upon request.

  • Medical Packaging Material Warranty Policy

    Warranty Policy

    All Longsheng materials are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with ISO9001 and other relevant standards as well as Longsheng internal standards. Safety considerations have been taken into account at the engineering stage. Despite these assurances, the Longsheng QC team performs higher quality control standards than the normal standards of others.

    If received or under appropriate conditions, if Longsheng material is damaged or has major and serious defects, we will 01) provide identical replacement parts, 02) or refund the corresponding amount and loss to our customer as compensation.

    In this case, Longsheng will examine the material and determine whether it is the contractor/personnel fault on site or the Longsheng material problem through the contractor's brief report, photos, videos and other relevant data.

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