Lyophilization Rubber Stopper

Lyophilization stoppers are designed to remain stable on the vial in the freeze dryer during the transfer and sublimation phases, as well as maintain excellent performance during freeze-drying process conditions.
Our Lyophilization stoppers ensure high-level chemical inertness and effective recovery of the reconstituted drug product as well as optimal protection of the lyophilization drug.
Super-low extractables& leachables protect product quality and provide broad drug compatibility.

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Lyophilization Rubber Stopper Video

Advantages Of Lyophilization Rubber Stopper

  • 1

    Optimized drying properties of this type of medical rubber stopper improve steam sterilization throughput & save time.

  • 2

    Compatibility with steam sterilization or gamma irradiation provides processing flexibility.

  • 3

    Risk-mediated supply with strong inventory positions & qualified alternative sources of raw materials.

Details of Lyophilization Rubber Stopper

Product SpecificationDrawing NoCrown FeaturesCrown Diameter mmCrown Thickness mmPlug Diameter mmTotal Height mm
Single fork 13-A82131Single bracket radiation12.527.510
Single fork 20-A2438Double bracket18.83.312.913.1
Bifurcate 13-A132116Single bracket12.527.610
Bifurcate 20-A3-22443Double bracket18.83.313.213.8
Trigeminal 17-A52301Single bracket radiation172.213.3513.3
Trigeminal 20-A4-12423Double bracket18.83.313.214.2
Quad 13-A3-12119Crosshair122.59.410.5
Quad 20-A22414Single circle radiation18.83.513.214.8



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