Nylon Plate

Nylon plate is an important engineering plastic, that can replace the wear-resistant parts of mechanical equipment, instead of iron and steel copper and alloy wear-resistant parts of equipment. The product is widely used, covers almost every field, and is the most widely used of the five engineering plastics. Nylon plates can be divided into extrusion and casting according to different production technology.

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Nylon Plate Video

Features Of Nylon Plate

  • 1

    High strength and stiffness

  • 2

    High impact and notch impact strength

  • 3

    High heat deflection temperature

  • 4

    Good at dampening

  • 5

    Good abrasion resistance

  • 6

    Low coefficient of friction

  • 7

    Good chemical stability against organic solvents and fuels

  • 8

    Excellent electrical properties, ease of printing and dyeing

  • 9

    Food safe, noise reduction

Technical Data Of Nylon Plate

Product name nylon plate
Colorwhite,black ,blue, other color can be customized
 Thickness5- 100mm
Standard size600* 1000mm, 600*1200mm, 1000*1000mm, 1200*1200mm
Tensile yield strength650-900Kg/cm2
Tensile breaking strength490-820Kg/cm2
Vicat heat 160-180Kgcm/cm2
Heat distortion temperature58-65Kgcm/cm2
Water absorption (24h)1.50%
Dielectric strength 12kV/mm
Pakaging solid pallet with protective flm inside pallet
Specification6*500*3000, 8*500*3000, 10*500*3000, 12*500*3000, 20*500*3000, 40*500*3000, 30*500*3000 Or customized



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