Nylon Rod

MC Nylon sheet (PA6) also named Monomer Casting Nylon is a engineering plastic sheet which is widely
usded in all industrial area. It’s light, high strength, wear-resisting, insulating and so on. So it is mainly
used as gears and parts, chemical machinery, electric parts, automobile parts, chemical equipment, etc.

(Thickness)6mm-100mm,(length and width) 1000*1200mm, 1200*2600mm, 1100*3100mm
(Thickness)10mm-200mm,(length and width)1000*1000mm,600*1200mm
Other sizes can be customized.
Color: Natural color, yellow, blue, black, green.

A (Density 1.18-1.2 g/cm 3 )
B (Density 1.2-1.25 g/cm 3 )
C (Density 1.3-1.5 g/cm 3 )

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Nylon Rod Video

Applications Of Nylon Rod

  • 1

    Used in the mechanical performance requirements of a high motor, electrical equipment and insulating structural parts.

  • 2

    ICT, ITE rule the processing of the insulation parts, test fixtures, silicon rubber keypads mold.

  • 3

    Fixture plate, mold plywood, countertops grinding plate, packaging machines, comb, etc.

Technical Data Of Nylon Rod

Density (g/cm3) 1.4 Friction coefficient 0.6
Temperature (continuous) 55 Rockwell hardness 82
Soft temperature 120 Anti-electric Strength(KV/mm) 20-40
Glass transition temperature 87 Volume Resistance(Ω.cm) ≥1015
Linear thermal expansion coefficient 80X10-6 Surface Resistivity ≥1013
Flammability V-O Tensile modulus of elasticity(Mpa) 3000

Density (g/cm3)1.4Friction coefficient0.6
Temperature (continuous)55Rockwell hardness82
Soft temperature120 Anti-electric Strength(KV/mm) 20-40
Glass transition temperature87Volume Resistance(Ω.cm)≥1015
Linear thermal expansion coefficient 80X10-6Surface Resistivity  ≥1013
FlammabilityV-O Tensile modulus of elasticity(Mpa)3000



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