Nylon Special Shape

Nylon special-shaped parts have good mechanical strength and toughness, and nylon processed parts have certain tensile and compressive strengths. The specific tensile strength is higher than that of metal, and the specific compressive strength of nylon processing parts is comparable to that of metal, but the rigidity of nylon special-shaped parts is not as good as that of metal. The tensile strength is close to the yield strength, more than double that of ABS. The ability to absorb shock, stress, and vibration and the impact strength is much higher than those of general plastics and are better than those of acetal resins.

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Nylon SPEcial ShaPE Video

Advantages Of Nylon SPEcial ShaPE

  • 1

    Effectively increased thermal in the system property insulation.

  • 2

    Reduces condensation on the window.

  • 3

    Sound insulated.

  • 4

    Improve comfort and living conditions.

  • 5

    Possible double color coatings provide the better aesthetic effect.

  • 6

    Various shapes will be designed for the customer's requirements.

  • 7

    The working temperature of the thermal insulation strip is 220°C, Melting Point reaches 246°C.

  • 8

    High corrosion-resistance, weather-resistance, heat-resistance, alkali-resistance and long life of usage.

  • 9

    Linear thermal dilation coefficient almost identical to that of aluminium profiles.

Technical Data Of Nylon SPEcial ShaPE

NO.  ItemUnitGB/T 23615.1-2009HC-Technical specification

 Material Properties
2Linear expansion coefficientK-1(2.3-3.5)×10-5(2.3-3.5)×10-5
3Vicat softening temperatureºC≥230ºC≥233ºC
4Melting point(0.45MPa)ºC≥240ºC≥240
5Testing for tensile cracks-No cracksNo cracks
6Shore hardness-80±580-85
7Impact strength(Unnotched)KJ/m2≥35≥38
8Tensile strength(longitudinal)MPa≥80a≥82a
9Elasticity modulusMPa≥4500≥4550
10Elongation at break%≥2.5≥2.6
11Tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥70a≥70a
12High temperature tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥45a≥47a
13Low temperature tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥80a≥81a
14Water resistance tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥35a≥35a
15Aging resistance tensile strength(transverse)MPa≥50a≥50a



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