Phenolic Cloth Clamp Sleeve

Phenolic fabric material is used for the column sleeves.  In the long-term production practice test, good results have been obtained.  The hydraulic crane not only has good mechanical properties but also brings great economic benefits.

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Features Of Phenolic Cloth Clamp Sleeve

  • 1

    Can save a lot of non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum, tin, lead, etc.

  • 2

    Have good mechanical properties, enough compressive strength, and fatigue strength, and elastic modulus is small.

  • 3

    Can absorb vibration, does not break the roller, bearing shell surface pressure is uniform, and does not deform.

  • 4

    The friction coefficient is small, and the power loss is reduced by 15 - 20 % compared with the metal.

  • 5

    No matter under what circumstances, will not lose the shaft head. And when in use, the shaft head is polished to improve lubrication conditions.

  • 6

    The lubricant is convenient to use, tap water and emulsion can be used, and the cost is reduced. 

  • 7

    The utilization rate is improved, the machining program is saved, and the cost is reduced.

Technical Data Of Phenolic Cloth Clamp Sleeve

Specific gravity 1.35 - 1.50
Water absorption % ≤ 1.5
Heat resistance ( Martin ) ºC≥ 125
Brinell hardness kg / mm ≥ 30
Compressive strength kg / cm ≥ 1800

density1.40-1.5 g/cm²
hydrophilism0.5 mg/cm²
Pressure coefficient2318 kg/mm
friction(al) coefficient0.45
 tensile strengthvertical 78.4,  horizontal 53.9
Martin heat resistance125°C
 impact strength20 KJ/
 surface resistivity109 Ω
 peel strength2000 N/cm
Lassig liquidity 40mm
Brinell hardness250-600 (MPa)
compressive strength1800 (kg/cm² )
Acid absorption rate0.5%



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