Pharmaceutical packaging materials refer to materials used in the manufacture of packaging containers, packaging and decoration, packaging and printing, packaging and transportation, etc. to meet product packaging requirements. It includes metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, paper, bamboo, natural fibers, chemical fibers, composite materials and other main packaging materials, and also includes auxiliary materials such as coatings, adhesives, strapping tapes, decoration, and printing materials. Classification of packaging materials: blister film, co-extrusion film, packaging film, packaging tape, plastic packaging tape, plastic packaging bags, stretch film, PE stretch film, PE stretch film and other packaging materials.

1. Pharma packaging is a drug container sealing system or packaging system

It consists of all packaging components that contain and protect the dosage form. A container closure system may be required to provide protection from mechanical stress, moisture, light, microbial contamination or gases. All components of a drug packaging system must comply with pharmacopoeia and regulatory requirements.

Drug serialization is a legal requirement for an automated electronic solution that tracks and traces the movement of prescription drugs throughout the supply chain from manufacture to dispensing. Companies must document, certify, maintain and share accurate records of all items prior to shipment. The timing and required information to implement the serialization process depends on local national laws and standards.

2. Classification of pharma packaging materials

(1) Class I pharmaceutical packaging materials refer to pharma packaging materials and containers that are in direct contact with and used directly.

(2) Class II pharmaceutical packaging materials refer to pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers that are in direct contact with drugs but are easy to clean. In actual use, they are required after cleaning and can be sterilized.

(3) Class III pharmaceutical packaging materials refer to other pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers other than Class I and II that may directly affect the quality of drugs.

3. Quality management of pharma packaging materials

The quality management department of the pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturing enterprise shall be responsible for the quality management and inspection of the whole process of product production, and shall be directly led by the person in charge of the enterprise. The quality management department should be equipped with a certain number of quality management and inspection personnel, and have places, instruments and equipment suitable for the production scale, variety and inspection requirements of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

Drug packaging refers to the role of providing protection, classification and description for drugs during transportation, storage, management and use, selecting appropriate packaging materials or containers, using appropriate packaging technology to process medicines or pharmaceutical preparations (canning), sealing, packaging, and labeling. Pharmaceutical packaging in a broad sense includes a series of work required for the research, production and use of packaging materials to implement the packaging process of pharmaceutical packaging materials.

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