Tablet medicines are widely used because of their advantages such as accurate dosage, convenient administration, and relatively stable quality. The vast majority of tablet medicines are taken orally (including swallowing, chewing, dissolving in the mouth, or sublingual administration), while a minority of tablet medicines such as mercury poisons and potassium permanganate tablets are used externally. Packaged tablet medicines are all labeled with complete instructions for use.

Labels and package inserts must be affixed to drug packaging in accordance with regulations. The pharma label or package insert must indicate the drug name, specifications, manufacturer, approval number, product batch number, main ingredients, indications, usage, dosage, contraindications, adverse reactions, and precautions. According to other relevant regulations, the label should also include registered trademarks and storage information.

Pharmaceutical label name

This is the name of the drug. The name includes its generic and trade names, with only the generic name generally labeled on the pharma label without including the trade name, such as "vitamin B1 tablets" instead of "thiamine hydrochloride tablets". Some pharma labels also include the Chinese pinyin name or Latin name in addition to the drug name.

Pharmaceutical label approval number

Referred to as the "batch number". According to drug management regulations, new drugs must be approved by the Ministry of Health and issued an approval number, and drugs that have quality standards must be reviewed and approved with a batch number. Unapproved drugs produced are considered counterfeit. The approval number must be indicated on the label.

Pharmaceutical label registered trademark

In accordance with national regulations, the production of medicinal products must be registered before they can be sold on the market. A registered trademark is a symbol or word that a manufacturer applies for registration with the Administration of Industry and Commerce to obtain exclusive rights to prevent counterfeiting. The trademark generally depicts a specialized design and the words "registered trademark" must also be included outside the design.

Pharmaceutical label main ingredient

For compounded tablet medicines made up of two or more drugs, the main ingredient must be indicated on the pharma labelling, such as the main ingredients of compound aspirin tablets being aspirin, phenacetin, and caffeine; the main ingredients of compound musk tablets being musk and guanidine sulfate.

Pharmaceutical label action and usage

Main pharmacological action and major indications, such as isosorbide dinitrate (nitrostat) tablets being "coronary vasodilators, with a gentler and more durable effect than nitroglycerin, used for the treatment and prevention of angina pectoris." The "function and main indications" of traditional Chinese medicine tablets are generally written as such. Some tablets on pharma labels do not indicate how many tablets should be taken orally at one time, requiring calculation to determine the number of tablets.

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