Pharmaceutical bottles product design

The design of the form mainly uses curves, and the curve design has the most changes in the form design, which can very well reflect the "soft" feeling of the product. The overall shape of the bottle cap is lightweight and simple, without being cumbersome. At the same time, the shape of the cap button blends well with the shape of the cap, with cleverly intertwined intersecting lines, giving people a sense of flow and elegance.

Different colors can make the product give people different psychological feelings. The color design of the product combines functionality and aesthetics, so when considering the product color design, one must pay close attention to factors such as product functionality, form design characteristics, usage environment, and process costs. In addition, the impact of cultural differences among different groups and ethnicities in different regions must also be considered. For example, the colors used are orange, green, blue, and red. The new health pharma vials, as a guarantee for people's pursuit of high-quality life, often use colors that give people a sense of vitality and energy. The new health pharma vials design maintains a smooth texture on all parts, giving people a natural, pleasant, and fresh feeling. For the texture selection of the bottle body, transparent and non-transparent materials can be used, and two different materials can show different visual perceptions, and can be matched with different textures of health care products to create a more stylish design.

Analysis of the relationship between human and pharma vials

The overall size design of the human-machine reference is based on the existing size of the pharma vials, and the overall shape is cylindrical, with a simple shape that is convenient for the user to hold, satisfying the user’s usage habits. The knob is designed to be held vertically when turning the knob on the bottle body. When operating the knob, it is necessary to avoid repeated operation of the little finger, and if the forefinger is repeatedly operated, it will cause trigger finger. When holding the bottle with the hand, if the controller needs to be operated repeatedly, using the thumb is the most comfortable and convenient way of operation. The switch design of this new health pharma vial is located where the thumb is located when holding the bottle body, bringing great comfort to the user. The width of the button must also consider the width of the thumb, and the width of the button is set to 28mm, which facilitates the user's operation with the thumb. Furthermore, the maximum torque of the twist spring must be strictly set, so that the maximum force provided by the fingers when the user presses the button does not exceed 5N, making it easy for the user to operate.

Material and processing technology analysis of pharma vials

The drug packaging materials used for the transparent cover, cap, button, channel, and bottle body are polypropylene, and the embossed material is silicone. The processing technology is injection molding. The twist spring is made of spring steel material for professional spring making, and the processing includes rolling, stress-relief annealing, torsion arm production, tail cutting, stress-relief annealing, and standing treatment.

Innovatively designed with a reasonable structural design, fully considering the characteristics of the materials and the characteristics of the processing technology, the appearance design fully considers the characteristics of the product itself, and the designed health vials pharma give people vitality and energy. Regarding human factors engineering, the convenience and comfort of users' hand operations are fully considered. It is hoped that it can provide people with a more reliable life.

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