With more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation worldwide, the environmental protection requirements for packaging materials in the international market are also increasing year by year. Most environmental and sustainability reviews in the past have focused on the FMCG industry, mainly because packaging materials for FMCG products are mostly made of single-use plastics and are often over-engineered.

In contrast, delivery devices and packaging materials in the past few years have become more patient-centered and improved the patient experience, with few "slots" like over-packaging. However, due to the relatively poor recyclability of smart devices, how to balance the rapid development of smart packaging and improve the sustainability of packaging brings no small challenge.

However, it is encouraging to note in the "Sustainability in Pharma Packaging, Devices and Manufacturing Report" released by CPhI Online that "in our research in 2021, we were pleasantly surprised to find that: Sixty-five percent of respondents believe the two will co-exist in the future as technology advances. Most people in the industry believe that 'pharmaceutical packaging will shift towards better recycling and longer product life. This will also help the pharmaceutical industry to better achieve sustainable development goals. '"

In addition, in our interviews with pharmaceutical companies and packaging suppliers, we also found that more and more pharmaceutical companies are actively considering how to integrate environmental friendliness and sustainability into their pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution processes.

Ms. Gao Li, design and packaging director of Yabao Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD., said, "Packaging design first needs to simplify packaging and save packaging materials. The second thing to consider is reusability and recyclability, and the third is to use degradable packaging materials."

In order to support and further promote the sustainable development of pharmaceutical packaging, InnoPack Awards China 2021 has specially added the Sustainable Design Award to encourage packaging suppliers and pharmaceutical companies to reduce waste through innovation and optimization of packaging solutions while increasing the potential for recycling. Berry, Short, Apta, Koppe, Yabo, H&T Presspart were selected for the final judging. The winner for sustainable design was: Berry International Group's Airfree® barrier bottle bag and all-plastic vacuum pump package.

Airfree® Barrier Bottle Bag and Full Plastic Vacuum Pump Packaging is a packaging system consisting of a "vacuum full plastic pump" and a "bottle bag". The bag inside the bottle shrinks as the drug is consumed until most of the drug has been used. Vacuum shrinkage of the bag prevents air from entering (effectively reducing oxygen oxidation drugs). The system was able to increase the use of the cream from 90 percent to 97 percent. In addition, the EVOH barrier layer on the bag effectively blocks the penetration of outside air during the shelf life (effectively reducing the oxidation of the active ingredients of the drug). The package can also be sealed to prevent water, so as to protect drugs from moisture, greatly reduce the use of preservatives and extend the shelf life of drugs. 100% plastic, 100% recyclable.

As a beacon exhibition in the asia-pacific packaging industry, InnoPack China will continue to promote the healthy development of pharmaceutical packaging industry through offline exhibitions, online forums and competitions in 2022. In addition to sustainable design and economic benefits mentioned above, InnoPack Awards China 2022 also includes "functional design", "Market potential", "compliance design" and other Awards. Whether you are in the packaging materials or drug delivery device supply company, drug manufacturing/r&d company, or veterinary drug, biopharmaceutical company can participate.

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