The medicinal bottle cap is an important part of the medicinal plastic bottle. Its main function is to close the packaging container. Some caps integrate various accessories according to the characteristics of the medicine to meet the packaging needs of the medicine. Most of the caps are in direct contact with medicines and have certain gas and water vapor barrier properties.

1. Integrated pharmaceutical cap

According to the characteristics of drugs, there are mainly the following types of integrated and multi-functional medicine bottle caps: integrated identification cover to prevent slight shaking, also known as anti-theft insurance cover, referred to as anti-theft cover; anti-motion identification is also called anti-moving ring, insurance ring. On the basis of ordinary screw caps, a ring of anti-theft teeth is added around the bottom of the cap, and is connected with multiple anti-theft teeth.

2. Press and twist the moisture-proof patented pharmaceutical cap

When the bottle stopper is reversely rotated, the anti-theft ring falls off. When the bottled medicine is used for the first time, first check whether the cover lock ring is complete, which can determine whether the medicine has been used or opened, and whether the medicine has been tampered with or stolen. The torque for opening the safety cover to make the anti-theft fall off should be slight and moderate. The integrated moisture-proof cap is a packaging form that integrates desiccant into the bottle cap, which can reduce the intrusion of moisture during use. Currently, effervescent tablet packaging and test paper packaging are the most widely used.

3. Special medicine bottle cap for test paper bottle

The main function of the screw cap safety bottle medicinal plastic pharmaceutical cap is to prevent children under 6 years old from being easily opened. Most of the screw caps use PE and PP as the main raw materials. The most commonly used is the ordinary threaded cap, which achieves the sealing function by matching the thread in the cap with the thread of the bottle neck.

Tightness is the basic function of medicinal bottle caps. The standard size and the bottle mouth are closely matched to achieve the purpose of blocking the intrusion of external gases or impurities and preventing the drug from being polluted by the external environment. The function of moisture resistance is mainly reflected in the packaging of solid pharmaceuticals such as tablets and capsules. These pharmaceutical ingredients contain starch, adhesives and other ingredients, which are prone to deliquescence and adhesion after being exposed to moisture, so packaging with moisture-proof performance is required. Some drug packaging cleverly uses the space at the top of the medicinal bottle cap, and combines the desiccant with the cap to make a moisture-proof cap to maintain the stability of the internal environment of the packaging. Child-proof opening is also a popular type of medicine bottle cap in recent years. It adopts the design of inner and outer double-layer structure, and must be opened by pressing down and rotating at the same time. Such a cover can effectively prevent children from opening the package at will and accidentally ingesting the medicine.

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