Pharmaceutical packaging is an item that provides protection, display, identification, introduction and ease of use for medicines. According to regulations, the packaging of medicines is divided into inner packaging and outer packaging. Drug packaging materials should have barrier properties, good safety performance, suitable Processing performance, better economic performance, let's take a look together next.

1. Pharmaceutical packaging materials protect pharmaceutical products

During the circulation process of pharmaceutical products from the factory to the user, they have to go through multiple transportation and storage links. During the transportation process, there will be damage such as vibration, extrusion, collision, sun exposure, rain, etc., and they will encounter insects during the storage process, rat bites, corrosion, etc. Even in the hands of the user, there are still storage requirements from the beginning of use to the end of use. Therefore, there must be good drug packaging materials in order to protect the drugs from damage.

2. Drug packaging materials are convenient for transportation, carrying and storage

Pharmaceutical products have different forms such as gaseous, solid, and liquid, and their physical and chemical properties are also different. Some are poisonous, some are corrosive, and some are volatile, flammable, and explosive; most of the time is stored in the warehouse (from the warehouse of the pharmaceutical factory to the warehouse of the wholesale, retail enterprise or medical unit), which requires frequent transportation, loading and unloading, and these are only easy to transport, carry and store if they are properly packaged. The vast majority of pharmaceutical products need to be protected from moisture, light, and heat during storage, and some special drugs need to be protected from shock and explosion during transportation. Drugs and dangerous goods in special medicines need special packaging. Good pharmaceutical packaging materials can keep the quality of pharmaceutical commodities unchanged during the entire circulation process, thereby ensuring the realization of their use value.

3. Drug packaging materials guide consumption and are easy to use

There are written instructions on the packaging of medicines, which specifically introduce product performance and precautions, which can play a role in facilitating use and guiding consumption. In addition, the drug is packaged according to the dosage in normal use. The packaging container adopts ring-pull type, embedded button type easy-open can, zipper type packaging box, spray type packaging container, etc., and the usage, dosage and contraindications are explained on the packaging, also for ease of use.

4. Drug packaging materials beautify products and promote sales

After the product is packaged, it is often not the product itself but the packaging of the product that first enters the consumer's sight. Unique, exquisite and beautiful packaging can enhance the beauty of the product, stimulate consumers' desire to buy, and act as a silent salesman. According to a survey conducted by a British market research company, women who go shopping in supermarkets generally buy 45% more than planned purchases on the spot because they are attracted by packaging and decoration. Therefore, the function of packaging is more focused on enhancing the attractiveness of products and promoting sales, especially for OTC drugs, packaging is more important.

5. Pharmaceutical packaging materials increase profits

The inherent quality of commodities is the basis of competitiveness in the commodity market, but if a high-quality product is not matched with a high-quality package, its competitiveness in the market will be weakened and the price will be lowered. Good pharma packaging material can complement good products, sell at a good price, and increase the added value of the product, which is more obvious in the international market.

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