The label is the postcard of the drug, and it is also the carrier to show the value of the drug. Regarding pharmaceutical labels, in fact, the country has already promulgated relevant laws and regulations, clearly stating that the logo and text printed on the label are clear and easy to distinguish, the pharma label is clear and eye-catching, no printing falls off, and the label on the bottle body is not warped. It is self-evident that a small label has issued relevant laws and regulations, its importance is self-evident, so when you choose a drug, in addition to the curative effect, you should pay more attention to whether the label on the bottle is qualified, then the problem comes, where is the focus of pharmaceutical labels?

1. Clear pharmaceutical labels: pursuing the best printed materials

As we all know, the use of medicines is related to human life and health, so when you choose medicines, you must require that the content and patterns on the labels be absolutely clear and visible, and there should be no fading or ink loss, so as to prevent you from making mistakes because you cannot read the instructions clearly. serious consequences of eating. For this reason, we cooperate with suppliers and relevant scientific research institutions to jointly launch high-grade copper plate printing materials for pharmaceuticals. The coating is fine, high whiteness, and high fiber content. According to feedback from use, compared with ordinary materials, it is better in terms of pattern clarity and text recognition.

2. Appropriate pharmaceutical labels: explore the latest adhesives

The proper fit of the pharmaceutical label is that the label does not warp, does not fall off, and is close to the bottle body, so when you choose a medicine, you must check whether the label is warped. Labeling depends on many factors such as the choice of adhesive, the material of the bottle, the caliber of the bottle, and the speed of labeling. Based on the different needs of pharmaceutical labeling, we have explored adhesives suitable for different environments. Excellent labeling on glass, plastic and other materials, suitable for high-speed small-diameter labeling, ordinary small-diameter labeling and larger-diameter labeling.

3. Healthy pharmaceutical labels: creating the most environmentally friendly materials

In general labels, due to the existence of adhesives, a small amount of V0C toxic gas will be volatilized, and long-term use will cause harm to human health. Therefore, when you choose medicines, you must pay attention to whether the labels on the bottles have peculiar smell. It can also be said that environmental protection is "Golden Mountains and Silver Mountains" in the label. Therefore, whether it is the choice of printing materials or adhesives, the starting point of selecting drug packaging materials is environmental protection and health. FSC-certified coated paper and FDA-certified adhesives are used. In addition, the products must pass the SGS ROHS and REACH testing certification. These will ensure that you can buy with confidence, use it with peace of mind.

4. Selection of pharmaceutical labels: building the most perfect solution

In recent years, we have been led by the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, and have been equipped with the most complete solutions for pharmaceutical labeling products according to different applications, that is to say, we have everything you need. LONGSHENG not only creates the highest quality labels, but also provides the most complete after-sales service system. We have introduced an advanced composite coating production line integrating silicon coating and glue coating, and our sales outlets are all over the country, Europe, America and Southeast Asia. If you have any questions or need guidance, our professionals are here to support you 24 hours a day.

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