A cosmetic product's sales success depends not only on its product efficacy but also on whether its appearance can capture the attention of consumers at the first moment. However, many cosmetics brands have little knowledge about packaging materials when selecting product packaging, so choosing the right packaging material and perfect design to grab customers' attention is undoubtedly crucial.

Advantages of cosmetic glass jars

Among cosmetic packaging, glass cosmetics bottles are increasingly recognized by the market due to their remarkable characteristics. This is mainly because using glass bottles has the following benefits:

  • Cosmetic bottle glass materials are lead-free and harmless, with good barrier properties. They can effectively prevent various gases from oxidatively corroding the contents in the bottle, and also prevent the volatilization of the contents' volatile components.

  • Cosmetic glass jars can be reused repeatedly, reducing business packaging costs and also contributing to environmental protection.

  • Cosmetic glass jars are transparent and the contents are clearly visible. "Appearance + effect" conveys a sense of high-end to consumers.

  • Cosmetic glass jars are safe and hygienic, non-toxic and harmless, and have good corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant abilities, which gives them special packaging advantages in the cosmetics industry.

Application of cosmetic glass jars

Cosmetic glass jars are pharma vials mainly used in skincare products (creams, lotions), foundation, perfume, essential oils, and nail polish. Glass bottles with capacity greater than 200 ml are rarely used in cosmetics.

Glass bottles are divided into wide-mouthed bottles and narrow-mouthed bottles. Solid cream products are generally packaged in wide-mouthed bottles with aluminum or plastic covers. The bottle caps can be sprayed with colored paint for effect, such as cream jars and mask bottles, which usually use wide-mouthed bottles.

Emulsions or aqueous cream products are generally packaged in narrow-mouthed bottles with pumps. If a cap is used, an inner seal must be added to prevent leakage. Aqueous solutions use small-hole inner seals, while thicker emulsions use large-hole inner seals.

Essential oil bottles are usually brown or colored frosted, which can avoid light. The caps have insurance rings and can be equipped with inner stoppers or droppers. Perfume bottles are generally equipped with exquisite spray pumps or plastic caps.

The packaging combination is as follows:

  • Cream jar series: glass bottle body + double-layer plastic outer cover (usually with a capacity of 10g-50g).

  • Essence series: glass bottle body + plastic pump head or aluminum pump head (with a capacity of 20 to 100ml).

  • Toner series: glass bottle body + plastic inner stopper + outer cover (above 100ml, there is also the kind equipped with a pump head).

  • Essential oil bottle series: glass bottle body + inner stopper + large head cover or rubber head + dropper + aluminum cover.

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